91 Weeks (Mission 119)

As a church, we've decided to join the movement known as Mission 119 (aka 91 Weeks with Jesus). This is a movement of reading the entire Bible in just 91 weeks- 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day. Mission 119 was developed by Rev. John Soper of the Christian and Missionary Alliance because he believes that it is vital to the Christian soul to be in God's Word and as a church we are in complete alignment with this belief. We decided to journey together for 91 weeks, will you join us?

Here's How:

1. Go to www.mission119.org OR on your smartphone go to the App store and download the Mission 119 App

2. Select the "register" link to set-up a user login and password

3. Read the assigned passage for that day (From your Bible, the website of the app)

4. Listen to the audio commentary (website, smart phone or CD)

5. Optional- view and print the commentary notes Below listed by week

Here is the PDF of the whole 91 week schedule

Week 81

Week 82

Week 83

Week 84

Week 85

Week 86

Week 87

Week 88

Week 89

Week 90

Week 91