Jr. Church  happens for our kids during the adult Sunday service at 10:45am. Directly after the time of singing in the sanctuary, children are then led back to their Jr. Church classrooms based off age. 

Our heart for your kids

We want to help kids know Jesus, know the gospel, know each other, and know their mentors who reflect the love of Jesus.

Building strong relationships are imperative to the spiritual development of children. We believe that in order for kids to trust what you are teaching, they have to know you. We want your children transformed by learning Christ centered truths in what they hear, see, and do.  Children’s Ministry is a series of steps, a developing process, to cause a spiritual alteration that will grow them into life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

Sundays at Indiana alliance church


  • Babies get to sleep, eat, and play in a clean and cozy environment with ladies that are ready to play, entertain,  cuddle and rock as needed. We understand that your baby will be most comfortable when they feel their needs are met. Our volunteers are ready to make your child's first church experiences great ones.

  • These young minds are starting to develop and we are ready to start introducing them to the word of God. We will teach basic concepts through songs, play, and crafts. 

  • Thrive: Sunday morning (9:30)

    At 9:30 AM  the children have a unique way of learning. We offer a class for the boys, and a separate class for the girls. We appreciate God's design in how uniquely boys and girls are different. It also helps them form bonds beyond their defined age groups. Boys in K-5 are the "OAKS" and the girls in K-5 are the "WILLOWS".

  • Your preschoolers are starting to explore the world with brand new views. We want to encourage them to build their social skills with classmates, as well as introduce them to explore the Bible in various ways. They will hear the story, watch the story, and do fun activities together to provide hands on experiences to further explain the Bible lesson.

  • THE PINES 1-5 Graders

    Children in grade 1-3 are in an exciting time in their development and growth. This is where a majority of their spiritual growth will take place, and they will really start to  build on foundation principals.This age group will continue to stimulate their bodies and minds. As they begin to read, We start to add reading the Bible in class time, learning memory verses, and continue to use activities and games to further their learning. We also add videos for our visual learners. 

    In grades 4 and 5, we start to encourage a transition. In this final chapter of Children's Ministry we want to see children own and defend their relationship with Jesus. We offer opportunities for them to be a part of the learning process in the classroom, offer discussion opportunities, and increase the life application of the Bible. We encourage them to do independent Bible study and daily devotional time.