We want you to feel knowledgeable and prepared before you step in our doors. Feel free to browse through the FAQs provided here. If you have a question left unanswered, please contact : Kellie McCully @ kellie@indianaalliance.com.

  • this is my child's first time. is there registration?

    We have conveniently located the registration form online for you to complete before you arrive. If you are not able to do that, you can fill one out for your child/children upon entering their classroom. This will help us serve your child better.

  • Where are the classrooms?

    Our classrooms are located in the back wing of the church. If you are coming in the main entrance of the church, follow the hallway to the left, our wing will be at the end of the hall on the right. All children are located here for your convenience. Here is a quick Video to familiarize yourself before you get here.

  • is there a sign in & sign out process?

    We ask that you stop by the check-in desk at the entrance of the children's wing. If you check in at 9:30, there is no need to re-check in during church. However if you attend for church only, we suggest you check-in before the start of the service at 10:45. At the check-in desk, someone will explain how to sign-in your child or children. Your child or children will be given a sticker to wear while they are in our care. Parents/Guardians will be given a security stub to take with them. The number on their stub matches the number on their child's label for security at the time they are picked up. 

  • What times will my children be in class?

    • Infants & Toddlers will have childcare available from 10:40 - 12 PM
    • Preschoolers through 5th grade- During the sermon through the end of service
  • What will my child learn?

    We use the "GOSPEL PROJECT for KIDS" for all class times for toddlers through grade 5. This allows you as a family to talk together about what your children have learned. You can also follow what they are learning by our weekly Facebook posts, as well as the optional parent email. The Gospel Project focuses on teaching the Bible in chronological order, and every lesson will point to the Gospel Message. 


    The best way to answer this is to send you straight to the source. Please visit the sites listed below.

    About the Christian & Missionary Alliance

    Our statement of Faith

  • Will you provide snack?

    We serve snacks in the toddler, nursery, and preschool classes that are peanut free. If your child has a food allergy, that should be indicated on their registration form. Also, please make sure that if we do not know your child, that you verbally remind us at drop off. We will make every effort to clear the room of possible allergens.

    For the older children we may have snack from time to time. We welcome parents to bring snacks, but please let us know in advance so that we can prepare and ensure that there are no allergy conflicts.

  • What should my Child wear?

    Let them come in what they like to wear. We encourage children to be individuals and want them to be comfortable.

  • Will my child be safe?

    We run all of the required child clearances on every volunteer. We also have formulated a Safe Place Policy that every volunteer is trained on yearly.  We have a security team with skills in corrections and health professions that monitor the entire building throughout the entire class and service time. 

  • What are the volunteers like?

    Our volunteers vary in age from 15 and beyond. A majority are ladies, but we have some great male teachers as well, all providing excellent role models for your children. We pride ourselves on our "family" atmosphere and want to get to know your children. We feel the more we know about them, the more success we have in teaching them.

  • Do you offer programs outside of sunday morning?

    Yes! We offer Junior Quizzing for children in grades 3-6. 

    For children not involved in quizzing:

    VEGGIE CONNECTIONS is a program each that takes place every Wednesday night! While most of our elementary kids are taking part in the Junior Quizzing, we welcome all ages. Our VEGGIE CONNECTION theme is FAITH. We are studying the life of Moses.  

    Childcare is available for infants up through age 2. Children 3 and up participate in VEGGIE CONNECTIONS.

    There will be tutoring for Elementary - High school in our EKKO Edu program.  Students can come after school, and doors will be open until 6 PM.