Worship Ministries

The Worship Arts Ministry concentrates on the presentational aspects of worship that are expressed in music and the arts. At IAC you will hear new modern worship, traditional hymns any many other styles of music that speak of spiritual truths and expressions of the relationship between God and humanity. Worship is anything we do to bring glory to God. It could be singing, playing an instrument or supporting with technical equipment on Sunday; or it could just as easily be helping a stranger in need. If our desire is to bring God pleasure by acts of service in the name of God, then that is worship.
We desire our worship to be “real” more than anything else. We want to enjoy God and for Him to enjoy us. He is the only one worshiped, but we know that we are also blessed as we come together to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Do you have a talent that God has given that would bless our ministry? Click here for a Worship Team Application.