Our nursery and toddler rooms are connected to provide easy transition through growing phases. The connecting restroom area makes a convenient way for your little ones diapering and training needs. Our nursery & toddler rooms are staffed with loving ladies ready to welcome your little ones in their first church experiences.  

What to expect on Sunday

Child care is available from 10:40 AM until the close of the service, around 12 PM. Pagers are available for parents to take in the event that your little one needs you. Our experienced volunteers will give you the peace of mind you need while you attend class and worship. These rooms provide a safe, clean and nurturing environment to help your babies and toddlers feel at home. If you need a private space for breast feeding or you are not ready to leave your baby, we also have the cry room available, off the side of the lobby, where you can spend private time with your baby and still enjoy the service with the convenience of a TV monitor which broadcasts the service.