Grades 1-3

On Sunday morning at 9:30 children are welcomed to class time for interactive learning. Children are encouraged to find the Bible lessons in their Bibles, watch a fun video to learn the lesson, review the lesson with activities and music, learn memory verses, and (their favorite) discussion starter videos where they are challenged to apply the main Bible point to their lives and talk about ways to put it in practice. We also start to develop simple Bible study skills with journal entries! At 10:30, children are picked up by their parents/guardians for worship time in the sanctuary where we help them interact in our worship together as a church. They are dismissed before the sermon for more fun activities and learning. Teachers will meet them in the lobby and escort them to their class. After the service, parents/guardians can pick them up in their classroom.

How we encourage learning

Children in grades 1-3 have active minds and require interactive classrooms. We like to help them learn through role-play and by acting out the lessons , hands on games and activities, videos for our visual learners, crafts, and even allowing them to put in writing what they learned. Writing in a journal is a great way for them to collect their thoughts and form them into an idea that solidifies and is remembered. It also develops their writing skills and Bible study habits.